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When you need an auto locksmith for lost car keys, vehicle unlocking, car key repairs, transponder programming or a full Eeprom job on your vehicle, then look no further as we have 24 hour auto locksmiths on call to help with all your needs.

Lost Car Keys Replaced

Car key replacements can be done at the side of the road by auto locksmith professionals who have the correct tools, software and the knowhow to unlock your vehicle, code the lock, then program the transponder so that it tarts the vehicle.

Locked Vehicles Unlocked

When your car keys have been locked inside your vehicle, you can employ a professional auto locksmith to pick open your vehicle locks and retrieve the key from inside. If the vehicle has faulty locks, then a professional auto locksmith can unlock your vehicle with the least chance of any damage being caused to the vehicle and its paintwork.

Damaged Car Keys Repaired

When a car key has been damaged or gets snapped by accident, a professional auto locksmith can come to where the vehicle is parked and make either a new key or repair the damaged car key at the side of the road. A snapped car key blade can usually be repaired quite quickly.

New Key By Eeprom

In some cases a car key cant be replaced by simply plugging into the OBD and pulling the pin, and sometimes precode data. In this circumstance an auto locksmith will have to remove the immobiliser from your vehicle, locate the transponder chip on the circuit board, de solder the chip and then insert it into a special machine which pulls the pin code and if required pre code data for the vehicle enabling an auto locksmith to then re solder the chip and then make a key that starts the car.

Because of the level of difficulty and the time taken to undertake a full Eeprom, the procedure will be much more expensive than a simple OBD car key replacement service.

Full lock set replacement

If a car key has been stolen, then a customer may choose to completely remove all the locks and the ignition from the vehicle to ensure the thief has no chance of accessing the car with the old key. This process can take half a day to complete and can be quite costly. In some cases the customer may choose to simply have the auto locksmith delete the stolen key from the cars memory. This will stop the thief from starting the vehicle, but unfortunately they will still be able to unlock the vehicle with the old key.

Vehicle Security Bypassing

When a vehicle is locked and the locks are faulty an auto locksmith may choose to unlock your vehicle by implementing bypass techniques. These techniques are learned by all professional auto locksmiths and they should only ever be used in the event that the vehicles locks are not pickable due to the lock being faulty or seized.

The Complete Auto Locksmith Service

We provide a comprehensive auto locksmith service for all our clients from a simple vehicle unlocking to a full scale Eeprom of your car or van to get you back on the road. No matter what you are looking for from an auto locksmith, simply pick up the phone and give us a call for a first class auto locksmith service 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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